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Frequently Asked Questions


What accommodation do you have available at your park?
For information on what accommodation we offer, please refer to the accommodation section of our website. If your question is not answered, or you require additional information feel free to call us. What are the prices for accommodation? Please refer to the accommodation section of our website. There is a current price list on this page. For any further enquiries please email or call us.

Am I able to stay at the park without making a booking?
To avoid disappointment, we suggest ringing a week or more in advance when booking our cabins, caravans and powered sites. Usually we have plenty of unpowered camp sites available, but it’s best to book these sites if you’re looking to stay during summer or on public holidays.

I know people in the park who have an annual site. Can I stay on their site with them?
Yes. Upon arrival at the park, all annual’s guests must come to the office to register. There is a fee for guests visiting for the day or overnight, this fee is written on our price list.

What linen do I need to provide?
In all of our cabins and vans, the double beds are already made up. Most of the single beds will have a fitted sheet and pillow on them. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or blanket for these beds, and if you are using the ensuite you will need to bring your own towels.

What is the check-in and check-out time for accommodation?
The check-in for all accommodation is at 2pm and check-out is at 11am. Guests are welcome to stay in the park for the remainder of the day once checked out or if waiting to check in. If you require an earlier check-in or later check-out, please inform the staff member who is taking your booking.

Is a deposit required for my booking?
Over peak period a deposit on all accommodation is required. Group bookings also require a deposit that secures several sites. Deposits can be made through direct deposit or over the phone. If a deposit is required, the person who has made the booking will receive a confirmation email and details of payment and deposits.


What amenities does the park have?
The park has several toilet and shower blocks located around the park. There are two main blocks of toilets and showers, smaller blocks around the park and ensuite toilet and shower blocks. Does the park have a laundry facility? Yes. We have two laundry areas within the park. The washing machines all take one dollar coins and require a total of four to five dollars per load, depending on the machine. The dryers require a dollar coin.

Events And Holidays

Does the park organise activities or events for public holidays?
We do organise activities and events for some of the public holidays. Any information on such activities and events is usually advertised around the park, on our website or on our Facebook page, so stay posted.

Is there an additional fee for accommodation on public holidays and school holidays?
Yes because it is considered peak period. For information on these fees please refer to the accommodation section of our website. Public holidays that are considered peak are Australia Day weekend, Labour Day weekend, Easter weekend, Queens Birthday Weekend, Melbourne Cup weekend, Christmas and Boxing Day and school holidays.

Kiosk And Office

What do you sell at the kiosk?
At our park’s kiosk we sell general grocery items, ice, fishing bait, petrol, ice-creams, hot food and drinks (within certain hours), newspapers, lollies and other assorted items. We do not sell alcohol here at the kiosk, but the Kimbolton Kiosk a further two minutes down the road has a bottle shop.

What are the trading hours for the park’s kiosk?
The kiosk’s hours are listed on the door but are subject to change depending on the number of people in the park.

What are the opening and closing hours for the park’s reception?
The office is generally open between 9.00am and 9.00pm on weekends, and at various times during the week.

Am I able to purchase items from the kiosk even if I am not a guest of the park?
Yes. We often have people stopping in for fuel, ice and other groceries. Just press the intercom at the boomgate so you can be let in.

Is the kiosk open on public holidays?
The park’s kiosk is open every day with the exception of Christmas Day. If the kiosk is to close for a day, notice will be given on the notice board (located directly in front of the kiosk).


Is the park closed at any time during the year?
Yes. We close between the day after the Queen’s birthday and the 1st of August. No bookings can be made for this time and there is no access to the park.

Does the park allow for day visitors?
Yes. We charge $5.00 per adult and $2.50 per child for a day visit. All day visitors must come down to the office to register. On our busier days (e.g. public holidays) there may be a limit to how many day visitors we can have within the park.

Do you allow pets to be brought into the park?
No we currently do not allow for pets within the park.

Is the water within the park fit for consumption?
We are in the process of installing a desalination plant so we can provide cleaner water. Presently, the water within the park is not fit for drinking. We advise that you bring your own bottled water, or alternatively you can purchase various sized water bottles from the park’s kiosk.

Am I allowed to have a campfire?
You are allowed to have a fire as long as it is in a fire drum that is raised off the ground. The fire must be supervised at all times and a bucket of water must be kept beside it. The fire must be extinguished if to be left unattended or if you are retiring for the night. On Total Fire Ban Days, fires are not permitted. For more information, refer to the CFA website (

What capacity is the lake at currently?
The capacity of the lake can be monitored from the Goulburn Murray Water website. (

Open Air Cinema

When does the open air cinema run?
The open air cinema is run over summer, typically beginning on the 27th of December and finishing on the last weekend of January. We also run the cinema on Labour Day weekend.

How much are tickets and how do I purchase them?
Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased from the park’s kiosk or on the night at the cinema gate. You do not have to be a guest of the park to visit the open air cinema.

What food and drink is available?
The park’s kiosk is open until 9.00pm on the nights that the movies are playing. The movies start at 9.05pm so customers are welcome to head up to the kiosk to purchase food and drinks.

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring your own seat. The gates open around 8.00am, allowing time for seating to be set up for the movie.

Where can I find a list of movies playing for the season?
A list is put up on our website, or can be found on our Facebook page.